Trilha Sonora – Todo Mundo em Pânico 5

Werk Me – Hyper Crush
Way Out Willie – Dug
I Want Her – Blind Truth featuring Georgia Harris
How You Girlz Git Down – Latief Scott
Everybody Feel It – Hit Feeling Productions
Electricity – John Costello
Lakme – Flower Duet – Apollo Symphony Orchestra
Thunder – The League
Pimp Cup – Tarik NuClothes
Right There – Bellringer
Livin’ Loud – D.J. FiFi
Swan Lake (Waltz Of Flowers) – Yuri Botnari (Conducting Moscow Philharmonic)
Somewhere In This World – Pete Peterkin
Ready For War – MicLordz & Sauce Funky

Trilha Sonora Oficial: (Músicas de James L. Venable)
1. Attacked, Possessed and Out to the Woods
2. Finding the Cabin and Driving Home
3. Primates Attack and Lab Intro
4. Meet the Kids, Who Is She?
5. To the Ballet
6. A Scare, a Pan and Some Hot Breath
7. Cameras Up!
8. Don’t Go in the Closet… or the Bathroom!
9. Perhaps We Should Try a Psychic
10. Dreams within Dreams
11. The Red Room
12. The Video Chat
13. Nighttime in the House
14. The Evil Book
15. Caesar and the Baby
16. A Vision, an Empty House and Great Pie
17. Don’t Mess With the Hair!
18. The Grand Finale
19. Hugs on a Cliff, You’re a Swan!
20. The Final Triumph

Elenco: Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen, Anthony Anderson, Regina Hall, Katt Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Walsh, Terry Crews, Simon Rex, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson
Direção: Malcolm D. Lee
Músicas do filme Todo Mundo em Pânico 5

Trilha Sonora do filme Todo Mundo em Pânico 5

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