Trilha Sonora – Sem Limites

Trilha Sonora – Sem Limites

Canecas Música Baterista Guitarrista
Cicada – Versus
I Don’t Care If There’s Cursing – Phosphorescent
Lonely Blue Boy – Conway Twitty
Let It Go – The Dunes
Walking – Ash Grunwald
Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys
Prelude, Op.3: No.2 in C Sharp Minor – Eldar Nebolsin
Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B. & Rakim
Chocolate and Cheese – Jon Kennedy
The Way It Was – Daniel May
Athens By Night – Matt Hirt
The My Club – Prophit
The Believers – How To Destroy Angels
Hook Shot – Wolfgang Gartner
Jukebox – Kidz In The Hall
Yangtze Valley – Matt Hirt

Trilha Oficial: (Por Paul Leonard-Morgan)

1. Opening
2. Psyched
3. Trading Up
4. Eddie Knows What To Do
5. Trippy
6. I Still Love You
7. Limitless
8. Coming Up
9. Lindy and Eddie Reunite
10. Walk Home
11. Down The Hatch
12. Escaping Tancoat
13. Hiring Eddie
14. Van Loon
15. Hiring Bodyguards
16. Lindy Chase
17. Lindy Leaves Eddie
18. Trashed Hotel
19. Phone Tap
20. Apartment Carnage
21. Eddie Is Sick
22. You Want More?
23. Eddie’s Back
24. Gennady Drop In
25. Happy Pills

Ouça abaixo uma prévia das músicas que tocam no filme:

Elenco: Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper

Músicas que tocam no filme Sem Limites

Trilha Sonora do filme Sem Limites

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