Trilha Sonora – O Amor Pede Passagem

Trilha Sonora do filme O Amor Pede Passagem

Canecas Música Baterista Guitarrista
Trilha Sonora:
“Hangover Days” – Jason Collett
“Never Been to Spain” – Three Dog Night
“Adventures in Solitude” – The New Pornographers
“All the Old Showstoppers” – The New Pornographers
“North Winds Blow” – Guan Yunjie, Guo Lanying, Li Bo, Ya Jie, & Yu Fu
“Na Na Na” – Royal Crescent Mob
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Matt Sweeney
“Music for Royal Fireworks” – George Frideric Handel
“Polonaises for Piano, Op 1 – No. 3 in D Major” – Clara Schumann
“Poison Love” – Doug Sahm
“Don’t Make It Better” – Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell
“Fate of Fates” – F*cked Up
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” – Steve Zahn
“What I’m Looking For” – Brendan Benson
“Cookie Jar” – Mark Mulcahy

Músicas do filme O Amor Pede Passagem
Elenco: Steve Zahn, Jennifer Aniston, Woody Harrelson

Trilha Sonora do filme O Amor Pede Passagem

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