Trilha Sonora – My Life As Liz (1ª Temp)

Trilha Sonora – My Life As Liz (1ª Temp)

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EPISÓDIO 101 – “Summer Of Suck”

T.I. Feat. Rihanna ‘Live Your Life’

The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra ‘Slinky ‘N’ Sneaky’

Cold War Kids ‘Something is Not Right With Me’

Snowglobe ‘The Boso (The Kickdown)’

Blitzen Trapper ‘God And Suicide’

Generationals ‘When They Fight They Fight’

Generationals ‘Faces In The Dark’

Elizabeth And The Catapult ‘Perfectly Perfect’

The Working Title ‘Josie’

Yacht ‘I Believe in You’

The Temper Trap ‘Drum Song’

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ‘Around The Bend’

Deerhoof ‘Don’t Get Born’

Bishop Allen ‘Click, Click, Click’

Chromeo ‘Fancy Footwork’

Cocoon ‘Owls’

EPISÓDIO 102 – “My Sketchy Valentine”

Golden Boots ‘Black and Blue’

Helen Austin ‘Perfect Girl’

Tilly and the Wall ‘Pot Kettle Black’

The Kills ‘Sour Cherry’

Millionaires ‘I Like Money’

Local Natives ‘World News’

Golden Boots ‘Easy Lie’

Floating Action ‘Unrobbed’

The Bird and the Bee ‘Polite Dance Song’

Goldfrapp ‘Oh La La’

Lykke Li ‘Tonight’

Broadcast ‘Tears in the Typing Pool’

Donora ‘Shak’ida’

Beastie Boys ‘Stand Together’

EPISÓDIO 103 – “Liz’s Got Talent? Part 1”

Bodies of Water ‘Doves Circled the Earth’

Jenn Grant ‘Dancin’ in the Wind’

CSS ‘Jager Yoga’

Rachel Goodrich ‘Lightbulb’

Roxy Cottontail ‘Double Dare’

Rachel Goodrich ‘Piggy Bank’

Yacht ‘If Music Could Cure All That Ails You’

Tilly and the Wall ‘Alligator Skin’

Terrordactyls ‘Zombie Girl’

Terrordactyls ‘Home’

Holden ‘MIA’

Steakhouse Mints ‘Run Two’

Amanda Blank ‘Make it Take it’

The Early States ‘Smoke in My Eyes’

Cale Parks ‘Late Show’

Saint Privat ‘Tous Les Jours (Waldeck Remix Radio Edit)’

Faded Paper Figures ‘I Fell Off My Name’

EPISÓDIO 104 – “Liz’s Got Talent? Part 2”

The Histrioniks ‘Anger Cherry’

And Then There Were Two ‘Backdrop’

Snowglobe ‘33 1/3’

Golden Boots ‘Easy Lie’

Josh Ottum ‘It’s Alright’

Elton John ‘Crocodile Rock’

Josh Ottum ‘If This Mirror Could Only Talk’

BrakesBrakesBrakes ‘Worry About it Later’

Vetiver ‘Down at El Rio’

Coco B’s ‘Five Mile Jet Drag’

Shane Alexander ‘The Sky Below’

Sea Wolf ‘The Rose Captain’

Architecture in Helsinki ‘It’s Almost a Trap’

The Bird and the Bee ‘So You Say’

Coco B’s ‘Access to No.’s’

EPISÓDIO 105 – “Hunting for Change”

Devin Davis ‘Iron Woman’

Takka Takka ‘Everybody Say’

Jeremy Messersmith ‘Welcome to Suburbia’

Standfast ‘Goodnight’

Helen Austin ‘Perfect Girl’

Fleet Foxes ‘Sun it Rises’

Rachel Goodrich ‘Lightbulb’

Rachel Goodrich ‘Ukelele Water’

Golden Boots ‘Savior’s Sky’

One for the Team ‘Deconstruction Site’

Havergal ‘The Last Wayfarer’

A River Valentine ‘Next To You’

Golden Boots ‘Easy Lie’

Snowglobe ‘Dry’

Marching Band ‘Feel Good About It’

EPISÓDIO 106 – “The ABCs of Friendship”

Datarock ‘In the Red’

Datarock ‘Fa Fa Fa’

Coco B’s ‘Culture Contact’

Peter Nevins ‘All My Songs Of Love’

Snowglobe ‘Beautiful’

Peter, Bjorn and John ‘Nothing to Worry About’

Hurricane Chris ‘The Hand Clap’

Pitbull ‘I Know You Want Me’

Jens Lekman ‘The Opposite of Hallelujah’

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down ‘Bag of Hammers’

Slow Runner ‘Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together’

The Temper Trap ‘Soldier On’

Donora ‘London’

Kathleen Smith ‘Tinfoil Girl’

Jeremy Messersmith ‘Dead End Job’

Don’t Be a Stranger ‘Homerun’

EPISÓDIO 107 – “A Prom to Remember Part 1”

Snowglobe ‘Changes’

Hymns ‘Ten Bells’

Micromen ‘Close Your Eyes’

Rachel Goodrich ‘Piggy Bank’

Psapp ‘Fix It’

Snowglobe ‘Oxytocin’

Terrordactyls ‘Sabina’

Ruby Suns ‘Kenya Dig It’

Madeline ‘This Train’

Snowglobe ‘New Year’s’

Beastie Boys ‘Funky Boss’

Coco B’s ‘Souvenir Boy’

Cale Parks ‘Late Show’

Buffalo Roam ‘Apart From You’

The Histrioniks ‘Gone’

The Histrioniks ‘Anger Cherry’

EPISÓDIO 108 – “A Prom To Remember Part 2”

The Small Cities ‘Fargo’

Rachel Goodrich ‘Piggy Bank’

Fruit Bats ‘When U Love Somebody’

Jeremy Messersmith ‘Wasting Time’

Beach House ‘All the Years’

Donora ‘Weekend Tongue’

Ruby Suns ‘This Adventure Tour’

Ida Maria ‘I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked’

Eugene McGuiness ‘Those Old Black and White Movies Were True’

Sea Wolf ‘You’re a Wolf’

The Rosebuds ‘You Better Get Ready’

Faded Paper Figures ‘Red State’

Jean on Jean ‘Tonight’

Millionaires ‘I Move It’

Bloc Party ‘This Modern Love’

Dawn Landes ‘Who Are You’

Peter, Bjorn and John ‘Objects of My Affection’

Dirty Little Secret ‘Last Kicks of a Drowning Man’

EPISÓDIO 109 – “The End of the Beginning”

Gramercy Arms ‘Looking at the Sun’

Phoenix ‘Love Like a Sunset Part II’

Blitzen Trapper ‘Furr’

Faded Paper Figures ‘Red State’

Damien Jurado ‘Denton, TX’

Phoenix ‘Love Like a Sunset Part I ’

Passion Pit ‘Moth’s Wings’

Jeremy Messersmith ‘Franklin Avenue’

Now Its Overhead ‘A Little Consolation’

Don’t Be a Stranger ‘No Surprise’

Jeremy Messersmith ‘The Commuter’

Don’t Be a Stranger ‘We’ve Been Waiting’

Cocoon ‘Chupee’

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  1. eu preciso saber qual a musica tema do final dos episódios de my life as liz , é uma melodia muito linda

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