Trilha Sonora – Sons Of Anarchy

Trilha Sonora – Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy é uma série dramática de televisão americana criada por Kurt Sutter sobre a vida de um clube de motoqueiros fora-da-lei que tenta proteger a sua cidade, Charming, na Califórnia, de traficantes de droga e empresários de grandes corporações. A série é focada em Jax, membro de um gang de motociclistas fundado pelo seu pai, tendo agora que criar o seu recém nascido filho, ao mesmo tempo que descobre que o gang como é hoje, pode não ter sido exatamente o que o seu pai desejava, uma irmandade.

No Brasil, a série é transmitida pelo canal FX.


Episódio 01 – Pilot

The Black Keys – “Hard Row”
Year Long Disaster – “Fool and You”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Stop”
Album Leaf – “Writings on the Wall”
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – “Plenty Strong, Plenty Wrong”
Lions – “No Generation”
Lions – “Machine”
Fireball Ministry – “Kick Back”
Sun Kil Moon – “Like the River”
Gia Ciambottie – “Bobilicious”
Campana de America – “Tus Ojitos”

Episódio 02 – Seeds

Tarbox Ramblers – “Already Gone”
Lonnie Brooks – “Don’t Take Advantage of Me”
Big George Jackson – “If I Could Change”
Fu Manch – “Mongoose”
Katey Sagal – “Son of a Preacher Man”

Episódio 03 – Fun Town

Cycle of Pain – “5”
Big Linda – “Get It While You Can”
Daniella Cotton – “Let It Ride”

Episódio 04 – Patch Over

Austin Hanks – “Alabama Clay”
Lions – “All Hail”
Lions – “Evil Eye”
Mojo Monkeys – “Eye of the Sun”
Mojo Monkeys – “Hang”
Johnny Hickman – “Lucky”
Mojo Monkeys – “Mojo Man”
Clutch – “Powerplay”
Austin Hanks – “Sucker Punch”
Old Canes – “Then Go On”

Episódio 05 – Giving Back

Fu Manchu – “Hey”
Danielia Cotton – “Make You Move”
Gia Ciambotti – “Tail Wags the Dog”
Jesse Dayton – “Tall Walkin’ Texas Trash”
Jin – “Yum Dum Cha”
Michael Sackler-Berner – “Keep It Easy”
The Donkeys – “Excelsior Lady”

Episódio 06 – AK-51

Bob Neuwirth – “The First Time”
Chris Thompson – “One Man Mission”
Sharon Little – “Follow That Sound”
Warlocks – “Zombie Like Lovers”
Neon Horse – “Cuckoo”
Black Keys – “Keep Me”

Episódio 07 – Old Bones

Fu Manchu – “Eatin’ Dust”
Cobra Verde – “Riot in the Food Court”
Austin Hanks – “Rip It Up”
Tara Holloway – “This Time fer Sure”
Clutch – “You Can’t Stop Progress”
Black Keys – “Keep Me”
Black Keys – “Busted”

Episódio 08 – The Pull

Andy Williams – “Can’t Get Used to Losing You”
Dropkick Murphys – “Johnny I Hardly New Ya”
Sean Talham – “Road to Glencar”

Episódio 09 – Hell Followed

Michael Sackler Berner – “True Blue”
Burning Brides – “Plank of Fire”
Bob Neuwirth – “Biding Her Time”
Chicago Stone Lightning – “My Love Is a Good Look”
Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers – “Fortunate Son” (Instrumental)

Episódio 10 – Better Half

The Waco Brothers – “Say Hello to Everybody”
Monster Magnet – “Monolithic”
The Donkeys – “Dolphin Center”

Episódio 11 – Capybara

Murder by Death – “Coming Home”
Sasquatch – “Money Man”
Howlin’ Rain – “The Firing of the Midnight Rain”

Episódio 12 – The Sleep of Babies

Audra Mae & the Forest Rangers – “Forever Young”
Fireball Ministry – “End of Story”
Greenleaf – “Stray Bullit Woman”
The Lions – “No Generation”
Mojo Monkeys – “Bodacious”
Boo Boo Davis – “Who Stole the Booty”
The Lions – “White Angel”

Episódio 13 – The Revelator

Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers – “John The Revelator”
Five Horse Johnson – “Lightening When I Need”
Ladies of the Canyon – “Every Minute”
Black Mountain – “Stay Free”
Tarbox Ramblers – “Were You There”
Holloway & The Scrantones – “Temptation Took Control of Me”


Episódio 01 – Albification

Anvil – “Slip Kid”
Five Horse Johnson – “Fly Back Home”
Black Mountain – “Wucan”
Blonde Acid Cult (aka Calypsony) – “Mad for You”
Imperial Crowns – “Lil’ Death”
The Lions – “Girl from the North Country”
Marlene and the Sons of the Disaster – “Step Up (I’m on It)
Monster Magnet – “Radiation Day”
Michael Sakler-Berner – “The World Is Spinnin’ on Its Side Today”
The Hangmen – “The Devil”
The Toadies – “Nothing to Cry About”
Year Long Disaster – “Leda Atomica”

Episódio 02 – Small Tears

The Upsidedown – “If You Are Hell Girl”
Alberta Cross – “Low Man”
Katey Sagal – “Ruby Tuesday”

Episódio 03 – Fix

Toadies – “I Want Your Love”
The Death Roadies – “The Wrong Way Out”
The High Society – “Caledonia Red”
Indigenous – “Come on Home”
Hillstomp – “Cardiac Arrest in D”
Mojo Monkeys – “Roll on Muddy River”
Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned – “Black Cat Road”

Episódio 04 – Eureka

Tara Halloway – “The Bottom”
The Obscurities – “Stop Dragging Me Down”
Pearlene – “You Done Told Everybody”
Monster Magnet – “Slut Machine”
The Lions – “Nothing”
The Stone Foxes – “Beneath Mt. Sinai”

Episódio 05 – Smite

Pearlene – “Two Crescents”
Blackstrap – “The Open Road”

Episódio 06 – Falx Cerebri

Rhino Bucket – “Don’t Bring Her Down”
Fireball Ministry – “Fallen Believer”
Southern Bitch – “Free Man Now”
Boo Boo Davis – “I’m Comin’ Home”
Hillstomp – “Nope”

Episódio 07 – Gilead

Gram Rabbit – “Stars”
The Peak Show – “Tell Me”
Devendra Banhart – “A Sight to Behold”
Madi Diaz – “A Little Bit”

Episódio 08 – Potlach

Sun Kill Moon – “Salvador Sanchez”
Souleros – “Bag of Bones”
Henry Clay People – “Something in the Water”
Amanda Blank – “Make It, Take It”
COP – “Pungle”
Chicagoe Stone Lightning Band – “Lover, Lover”

Episódio 09 – Fa Guan

Austin Hanks – “Rip It Up”
Tarbox Ramblers – “No Harm Blues”
Darker My Love – “Two Ways Out”
Glasspack – “Lot Lizard”

Episódio 10 – Balm

Bob Neuwirth – “The Places I Can’t Afford to Go”
The Brought Low – “There’s a Light”
All Points West – “Novocaine”
The Tossers – “Going Away”
The Georgettes – “Down By the River”
Six Organs of Admittance – “Attar”
Patty Griffin – “Mary”

Episódio 11 – Service

Chuck Prophet – “Love Won’t Keep Us Apart”
Steve Conte – “Busload of Hope”
Calypso – “Elephant”
Souleros – “She Rolls Me”
Keiran Fahey – “Dohertys/Tommy Peoples”
Two Gallants – “Fly Low Carrion Crow”
Pearlene – “Rosemary Girl”
Deadstring Brothers – “Can’t Make It Through the Night”

Episódio 12 – The Culling

Billy Valentine & the Forest Rangers – “Someday Never Comes”
Tara Holloway – “Better in the Flesh”
Pearlene – “Watch the Way”
Straylight Run – “Hands in the Sky”

Episódio 13 – Na Triobloidi

Battleme – “Burn This Town”
Bachi Da Pietra – “Casa Di Legno”
Tape Deck Mountain – “Ghost Colony”
Don Caballero – “Railroad Cancellation”
Monster Magnet – “Freeze and Pixilate”
Pat James – “Just Fillin’In”
Pat James – “City Lights”
Pat James – “Let Me Live Long Enough”
Paul James & The Forest Rangers – “Gimme Shelter”

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