Trilha Sonora – Max Payne

Trilha Sonora do filme Max Payne

Canecas Música Baterista Guitarrista
“Forgotten Toy” – Metsuo
“Room 405” – Metsuo
“Oscar 1208” – Metsuo
“Rise” – Metsuo

Trilha Sonora Oficial: (Composições de Marco Beltrami)

1. Max Attacks
2. Investigation
3. Payneful Piano
4. Colvin Quivers
5. Dethlab
6. Storming The Office
7. No Respects For You
8. Lupino Spreads His Wings
9. Max Returns Home
10. Factoring Max
11. Window Payne
12. Dark Heaven
13. Vote for Dennis
14. BB’s Maxim
15. Max Marches On
16. Heaven To The Max
17. Topless Fanfare

Músicas que tocam no filme Max Payne

Elenco: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, Ludacris, Chris O’donnell, Donal Logue.

Trilha Sonora do filme Max Payne

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