Trilha Sonora – Pretty Little Liars (3ª Temporada)

Canecas Música Baterista Guitarrista
Episódio 24 – A Dangerous Game s03e24
Begin Again – Measure
Love Song – Howl Baby Howl
Invisible – Plumb
Ride – Lana Del Rey
Shelter – Birdy

Episódio 23 – I’m Your Puppet s03e23
I’m Your Puppet – Dionne Warwick
Run Away Heart – The Strange Familiar
Hanging On Too Long – Duffy
I Won’t Let You Down Again – Matthew Perryman Jones
Ooo La La – Sarah Leichtenberg
Thrills – El May

Episódio 22 – Will the Circle Be Unbroken? s03e22
Headlights – Morning Parade
Will the Circle Be Unbroken? – Ada R. Habershon & Charles H. Gabriel
Black Magic – Magic Wands
Slipping Away – Barcelona

Episódio 21 – Out of Sight, Out of Mind s03e21
Sail Into the Sun – Gentlemen Hall
All of Your Heart – FM Radio
And Run – He Is We
Gone Away – Madi Diaz

Episódio 20 – Hot Water s03e20
Easy Fix – K.Flay
Kiss Kiss Kiss – Danica the Morning Star
Dream in Ashes – Amanda Abizaid
Glitter & Gold – Rebecca Ferguson
All Those Pretty Lights – Andrew Belle
Steam Heat – Patti Page
Forgiving Myself – Amy Stroup & Trent Dabbs

Episódio 19 – What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted s03e19
Redemption – The Strange Familiar
I’ll Take You – Phantom Tortoise
Nice Girl – Ashley Noot
Girl Gone Wild – Madonna
Please Don’t Find Me – Civil Twilight
Bones – Ms Mr

Episódio 18 – Dead to Me s03e18
Trying To Be Loved – Pi Jacobs
Without The One I Love – Bellflower
Burn – Madi Diaz
Gone – Lianne La Havas
Breaking Away – Bosshouse Music

Episódio 17 – Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno s03e17
Alibi – The Strange Familiar
For Feeling – Tic Tic Boom!
Flick of a Switch – Riskee
She’s Got Is So Phat – Bosshouse Music
Talk to Me – Madi Diaz
Look Right Through It – Madi Diaz
Until It Hurts – Fransisca Hall

Episódio 16 – Misery Loves Company s03e16
A Cycle – Matthew Mayfield
Shout Now – Melissa Etheridge
Salty Sweet – Ms Mr
Goldberg Variations BWV988: Aria – Alexis Weissenberg

Episódio 15 – Mona-Mania s03e15
Grow – Neulore
I Can Feel the Pain – Ryland Thompson
Losing Ground – Trent Dabbs
Tightrope – Felicia Barton
Scared of Me – Fedde le Grand

Episódio 14 – She’s Better Now s03e14
Everything Has Its Way – Katie Costello
Falling For You – Nick Howard
Kaleidoscope Hearts – Magic Wands
Love Always Ends In A Cliche – Dale Campbell
Like You Could Have It All – The Grates
The Star-Spangled Banner – Betty Buckley
Why Am I the One – Fun.

Episódio 13 – This is a Dark Ride s03e13
Trespassing – Adam Lambert
Cuckoo – Adam Lambert
Teddy Bears’ Picnic – Janel Parrish
Beautifull Bizar – Roeland Ruijsch
Who Are You, Really? – Mikky Ekko
Remote Control – SCHMIDT

Episódio 12 – The Lady Killer s03e12
In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley) – Andrew Belle
The Backpack Song – Bear Attack
Pandora – 카라 (Kara)
Freaks – The Hawk In Paris
Highly Suspicious – My Morning Jacket

Episódio 11 – Single Fright Female s03e11
Shine – Bear Attack
New Game – Margot B.
Fire Escape – Civil Twilight
Does Anybody Know – Us and Our Daughters
Smiling Faces Sometimes – The Undisputed Truth
Speakeasy – Anya Marina
Starlight – Jasmine Ash
Soul Killing – The Ting Tings
She’s Gonna Set Him Free – Bosshouse Music
Turn It Up – Megan Oliver

Episódio 10 – What Lies Beneath s03e10
The Daylight – Andrew Belle
No Such Thing As Time – Elenowen
All For You – Right The Stars
This Is Just So Beautiful – Jenny & Tyler
Oh My My – Act As If

Episódio 9 – The Kahn Game s03e09
Hard to Believe – The Kicks
FInd a Way – Tyler Blackburn
It Ends – Bosshouse
Got Me So Excited – Bosshouse
Every Word – Bosshouse

Episódio 8 – Stolen Kisses s03e08
Free of Me – Amy Stroup
The Riot’s Gone – Santigold
Not There Yet – Eric Hutchinson
Rocketship – Jules Larson

Episódio 7 – Crazy s03e07
Right As Rain – Courrier
Let’s Forget All the Things That We Say – Julia Stone
Twisted American Girl – Riley & the Roxies
Ships – Lady Danville

Episódio 6 – The Remains of the ‘A’ s03e06
You Make Me Happy – Cathy Heller
A Night Like This – Caro Emerald
Starlight by Rachael Yamagata
We Turn It Up – Oh Land
I’ve Got You Covered – Sugar & The Hi Lows
Back It Up – Caro Emerald
The Other Woman – Caro Emerald
Think I Said Too Much – Sugar & The Hi Lows

Episódio 5 – That Girl is Poison s03e05
Take Me Under – Gentlemen Hall
Slipping Away – Barcelona
Speechless – Morning Parade
Show & Tell – Sugar & The Hi Lows
Satellites – Catcall
Finally On Our Own – Bosshouse

Episódio 4 – Birds of a Feather s03e04
Unwanted – The Strange Familiar
Pretty Little Thing Called Love – Jasmine Ash
I See You – Moses Blue & Katy K
Life Is Good – 8mm
How Do I Make – Bosshouse Music
Black Silk – Emily Jane White
Lies We Live In – Ximena Sarinana

Episódio 3 – Kingdom of the Blind s03e03
Better Off Now – Trent Dabbs
Favourite Thing – Yuna
In the Eye Abides the Heart – Janel Parrish
Keep You Right – Blind Pilot
Sabotage – Amy Stroup

Episódio 2 – Blood Is The New Black s03e02
Say Goodbye – Norah Jones
Gone – Lianne La Havas
Lean On Me – Bosshouse Music
To Have It All – Bosshouse Music

Episódio 1 – It Happened ”That Night” s03e01
S&M – Rihanna
I Feel Alive – Jules Larson
Hands of Time – Rachel Diggs
Song for the Suburbs – Ben Rector
It Girl – Twirl
Hot Button – Anya Marina
Body Knows Best – Anya Marina

Músicas do seriado Pretty Little Liars 3 temporada

Trilha Sonora do seriado Pretty Little Liars (3ª Temporada)

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  1. qual o nome da música que passa quando spencer e toby estão beijando no 3×02?

  2. Oi amo Pll, achei bem legal o site, conseguii achar os nomes das musicas, e por sinal são otimas.

  3. Oi , como achama aquela musica que a spencer sonha com o toby beijando ela e depois enforcando ela ? episódio 3X14 ? n consigo achar ..

  4. eu adoro esse episodio não perco um capitulo

  5. Until It Hurts e Salty Me são perfetias, mas só vão chegar ao mercado em março.

  6. Qual o nome da música que toca quando o Spencer chama o Toby pro quarto dele?….no episódio 9

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