Trilha Sonora – Abracadabra

Sarah’s Theme – James Horner
I Put a Spell on You – Bette Midler
Witchcraft – Joe Malone
I Put a Spell on You – Joe Malone
Sabre Dance – George Wilson
Chants and Incantations – Brock Walsh
Come Little Children – Sarah Jessica Parker

Trilha Sonora Oficial: (Composições de John Debney)
1. Main Titles
2. Max Meets Allison
3. Halloween
4. To The Witches’ House We Go
5. Max Lights The Enchanted Candle
6. Escape From Witches’ Lair
7. Brother / Sister Theme
8. Witches On A Rampage
9. Graveyard Attack
10. Witches On A Holiday
11. Who Stole The Brooms?
12. Witches Tricked / Safe Again?
13. Winnie’s Lament / The Capture
14. Setting The Trap / Scherzo
15. Brother / Sister Talk
16. Winnie Flies / Zombie Speaks
17. Witch Attack
18. Conflagration / Resurrection
19. End Titles

Elenco: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Omri Katz, Thora Birch, Vinessa Shaw

Músicas do filme Abracadabra

Trilha Sonora do filme Abracadabra

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