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Trilha Sonora – O Príncipe do Deserto

Trilha Sonora – O Príncipe do Deserto Músicas: (Composições de James Horner) Main Title – A Desert Truce Horizon to Horizon The Wonders of Wealth I Have Chosen You You Were a Prince Leaving as an Emissary Father and Son Phantom Army So This is War The Blowing Sands Fresh Water One Brother Lives, One Brother Dies Battle in the ... Read More »

Trilha Sonora – A Toda Prova

Trilha Sonora do filme A Toda Prova Músicas: (Composições de David Holmes) 1. Haywire 2. Upstate NYC 3. Barcelona 4. Stakeout 5. Let’s Get Jiang 6. Delivering Jiang 7. Dublin 8. Sniffing Around 9. The Drive Rossbourgh 10. Looking For Clues 11. Jiang’s Dead 12. Shot In The Face 13. Dublin Chase 14. Against All Odds 15. Against All Odds ... Read More »

Trilha Sonora – Pequenos Espiões 4

Trilha Sonora do filme Pequenos Espiões 4 Músicas: (Carl Thiel e Robert Rodriguez) 1 Spy Mom 2 Rebecca & Cecil 3 Panic Room 4 Jet Luge Chase 5 Carmen Cortez 6 Spy Baby 7 Argonaut 8 T.O.O.T. 9 Big Time Watch Shop 10 Wilbur Wilson 11 The Timekeeper 12 Hammer Hands 13 O.S.S. 14 Juni Cortez 15 Danger D amo ... Read More »

Trilha Sonora – Entrevista com o Vampiro

Trilha Sonora – Entrevista com o Vampiro Músicas: Terpsichore and Harp Concerto in B Flat – The King’s Consort Sonata in F Sharp – Joanna Leach Sonata in E Flat Adagio E Cantabile – Joanna Leach Trilha Oficial: (Composições de Elliot Goldenthal) 1. Libera Me 2. Born to Darkness, Pt. 1 3. Lestat’s Tarantella 4. Madeleine’s Lament 5. Claudia’s Allegro ... Read More »